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  • Members pick all 63 games of the NCAA Tournament.
  • The pick deadline is set to March 16, 2023 at 12:15 PM ET. 
  • There are no restrictions on how many entries a member can have in the contest. 
  • Points are awarded for each correct pick.
  • Points values increase as the tournament progresses, as follows: 
    • First Four = Play-in games are not included or scored
    • First Round = 1 point
    • Second Round = 2 points
    • Sweet 16 = 4 points
    • Elite 8 = 8 points
    • Final Four = 16 points
    • Championship = 32 points
  • The pool does not use a seed point bonus. Correct picks will be awarded the points assigned for each round. 
  • There is no tie-breaker active for this pool. 
  • The winner is the entry with the most points at the end of the NCAA Tournament.
  • While there are no restrictions on how many entries a member can have, only entries that have been paid for by the pick deadline will be entered in the contest. All entries that have not been paid for by the deadline will be deleted. 
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After payment, please click the "Return to Seller" link at the bottom of the Paypal page. This will return you to our website for instructions on how to access your bracket.